I  had , what I thought were wrinkles under my eyes  ,  and the makeup , I bought from a popular door to door sales lady , guaranteed me if my wrinkles didn’t vanish within  30 days , all my money would be returned , plus I would have a  choice of my favorite perfume, great deal right, but hold on , my wrinkles did vanish  along with most of my skin , I thought my face was coming off , and yes she managed to vanish with  my money , never got nothing , nada, I paid cash , oh the makeup I used was  a sample luckily  can you imagine had I got my order and used it my whole body would have fallen off Beware of  door to door they ain’t angels unaware.


Thanksgiving is in what 3 days ?  And if you are anything like our family , at the table there is an automatic script from our host which is my oldest son , it goes like this , let’s go around the table a tell what we are thankful for , the tension begins with first throat clearing and then Hmm,or something like that , when all everyone wants to do is eat .They can’t wait for the prayer to be over , hoping it’s not a long one, my son always chooses a different one every year, so one never knows . I say let’s skip all tension and tell the truth , what are you not thankful for . It’s a heart issue and God already knows anyway , but then if we did that the food would be freezing cold , who wants cold food especially on an eating holiday , so let’s go back to the lies. Happy Thanksgiving


I don’t want to sound preachy, but because of the cross,  Jesus was our bridge to the Father . We were drowning in our sin , going down for the last time . Then our savior Jesus Christ laid His body  across the  water , sending our sin to the depth’s ,  to be found no more . He is our only bridge over troubled water, take His hand , He will never let you go .


When I was a child , growing up I learned how to become a great pretender.  In  fact , a love song  had the same name.My imagination  allowed me to become whatever I needed to be , it was off the charts , so was my life . I grew up , in dire poverty and  cupped with abuse , of every kind . I was bullied and shamed because of the unsomblesI had to wear to school because my mom was either an absentee parent or so drunk  she could barely function.My, imagination was my savior ,  without it I would be in a mental facility  in Kucka Munga  or the boonies .

It served,  me well until I met a man , named Jesus who  cared enough to  take a pretender and change her into a real person , by His amazing love and Grace.


Fear worry no matter what you call it . The cousin to fear is trust. Now I know you”ll  call me on it , but let me explain . The word of God  says more than 365 times , fear not. Yes,  it also says in 1st. John 4:18 Perfect love cast’s out fear. All well and good , but without trust , there is no lasting love. Trust is in God’s word over 500 times .  It’s like a triangle , on the sides we have love and trust at the bottom is fear, under our feet .

Fear will come , but our weapons are not carnal , but they are mighty in the Holy Spirit, which quenches the fiery darts of fear . We  trust in our God in Him we are more than conquers . His love is unconditional and everlasting  .

Photo Challenge: Local

My Grandaughter wanted to go to a local College with her friends .But the local, colleges did -not have an R.O.T..C.  program she had been a part of, her High School years. So she looked at other colleges across the nation.  She found a few but not for the  full four yrs. Then, she found one in Socal/ Santa Barbara, as close to the beach as was allowed. IT was definitely a God thing. The College is a private Christian college right near the University of Santa Barbara which has the R.O.T.C. program so she can do both, and she received a full scholarship, with the stipulation that she serves our great country, at least four yrs.She has done that so , she can be deployed at any time. She is up for the challenge, and just recently posted on FB that local is your so that you can be at home no matter where God leads you. Her major is religion; she want’s to be a Chaplin, in the Military  . More to tell later. Please come back  Blessing Marlene


“All, my 77 yrs.,I have used that word . It’s probably been over-used . I think  the first time I , heard it , was in kindergarten. I was moving my ink- well, on the other side of my desk, because I am left- handed. The teacher, pointed and said be careful you don’t spill ink on your lovely,  dress . Huh? What does that mean? careful, her, face screwed up , you mean you have never ,  heard that word before ?  Nope, I said , her response was  does your family live in a cave? I gave her a puzzled look , never mind . This can be a teachable moment. What do you say at your house, say  one of your family , going to  cross  the street?  oh,  that’s easy I yell look-out for cars. She, laughed  and told me what the meant. I never forgot and as I obeyed that word, me and members of my family were saved from many fate’s that might befall,  us. Many times tho that word went unheeded. Like the times I told a boyfriend , my heart is fragile, please,  be careful and not break it. “

Between Grace and Religion

This a real confession I have heard the phrase saved by Grace  and  I totally  believe it . Without it I would surely go to Hell  . The Word says its unearned , undeserved favor but what is it really ? Religion tells me you must do some thing to be worthy of His Grace you must fast more you must repent and pray more to get it . I have spent except for the last few months  doing all those things . Then  the Holy Spirit spoke ever so clearly to my heart” It is Finished “Just take it .