We were coming home from a wonderful weekend in Tahoe , but  since  highway  50 was pretty backed up ,  my husband commented , I’m getting off  of here  and taking 80 .Ok  sweetheart you know best . I signed , that meant I could relax .  I hated highway 50 two many curves and twists . I know 80 had them also  but for some reason they did”t seem so bad . I was starting to dose the kids were quite and my husband was whistling . All at once my husband was shouting  you it are you blind? What’s going on ?  well this nut just cut me off and  I almost hit the  truck  in front of me . go back to sleep its ok now , were entering 80 and its a straight shot from here were will be home in time for dinner , smiling to myself food among other unmentionables is always on his . I must havs sleot as he was shaking me , sit up and hang on our brakes have went out ! gh no we were on a downhill slide and picking up speed as we went the kids were calmer than I was what do we do ? can”t you pull off ? where can I ? there no turn-outs and how do you suppose I stop if there was any . Don”t panic I said to my self . Be a good wife and pray and shut up at the same time . A big  horn came blasting through our  window  it was a 8 wheeler and my husband stuck his hand out to motion for him to go around but the driver kept honking  and making  hand jestors to follow him  , and we did he turned off on to the place  for drivers to get weighted . He signaled to go straight into this wall of gravel that brought us to a complete stop , after catching our breath’s , checking the kids everyone was ok. My husband jumped out heading toward the truck with his hand out  to shke the drivers hand  . the driver jumped out and  grabbed it and shook it hard like truck drivers do .  after their greetings they headed over to our car , the driver stuck his head in the window , loked around  , everyone alright  ? yes thanks to you you.  I said . How can we ever repay you ?  well ma-am  the good Lord takes good care of me , give your money to the poor  because its no good with me . Glad ya’all are alright , now Les about those brakes I know this guy who can fix them today , would you like  me to call him ?reesponse to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “What a Twist!.”

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