I would like to be the producer , and here is why.  All my life I had been a performer ,  and I became very good at it , in fact I should have won many awards ,  for all the different roles I played . I could play a role without a script. Whatever got me excepted  by my peers . Even after I became a believer I was still performing to be excepted  by #I  GOD.  I followed a written script HIS WORD and failed over and over to keep  HIS  commandments .  OF course I fasted and prayed  but to no avail ,  finally I threw up my  hands , OK GOD have it your way .  Its about time  he said , how about you take a  rest , because all the work is  done , my SON JESUS ! finished  it on the cross  , and now you are my child  and you are  loved and excepted  into the beloved   . I found GRACE and I don’t perform  any more .

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