“All, my 77 yrs.,I have used that word . It’s probably been over-used . I think  the first time I , heard it , was in kindergarten. I was moving my ink- well, on the other side of my desk, because I am left- handed. The teacher, pointed and said be careful you don’t spill ink on your lovely,  dress . Huh? What does that mean? careful, her, face screwed up , you mean you have never ,  heard that word before ?  Nope, I said , her response was  does your family live in a cave? I gave her a puzzled look , never mind . This can be a teachable moment. What do you say at your house, say  one of your family , going to  cross  the street?  oh,  that’s easy I yell look-out for cars. She, laughed  and told me what the meant. I never forgot and as I obeyed that word, me and members of my family were saved from many fate’s that might befall,  us. Many times tho that word went unheeded. Like the times I told a boyfriend , my heart is fragile, please,  be careful and not break it. “

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