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I married early in life , and cooking was not even in my thoughts , after all I worked in a diner. That is where I met my husband to be . He would come in for coffee and sit for hours drinking a million cups . It was love at first sight , but that’s another story .He was Mexican  and four things are very  important  to that culture and food was high on that list  . I married into a  family that extended  back many generations , of which there had never been any G’ringoes /ak/white people . I was not in Kansas anymore , . My mother-in law  tried to teach me to cook their way , but soon gave up I was too dumb  to  learn . I understood that word I heard it often enough . Thank GOD  through trail and error  I became an expert on Mexican cooking from scratch I might add . And the reviews were Ten stars from my boys their father included . My mother- in law never gave me any high fives just a let me clear up you worked hard on this dinner , also her plate was clean insresponse to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Food for the Soul (and the Stomach).”

How Big IS Your Ear GOD ?

For  going on eleven years  lung cancer took my husband  . He was a long time smoker  . Previous to his death  I had cared for him , watched the man I loved become a shelll of a man,  several strokes rendered  him  paralyzed , I prayed I screamed at GOD  are you deaf  . No answer came  I walked around in a fog . people trying to console me . I smiled and  thanked them  . How could I go on he was my life  . we married at  seventeen and fifteen  . Together forty nine years  and six children  , who were all grown  . First time death touched me in a real way . I waS LOST SHOW ME THE WAY TO GO HOME  .  It was two years later  death climbed out of the pit of hell to drag  me in it again . This time it was my youngest daughter .  Her struggle with  MS  had affected  her reasoning ability and she took a medication  that one of the side effects was blood clots in the lungs  and may cause death  . It did   ! Oh GOD why have you closed your ears  ? I have done all I can do . A husband and two beautiful boys  have no mom  . help me GOD make sense of whats happening ? I am not Job  or am I ?  Again the curse from the pit struck  another daughter  with breast cancer of which she had them both removed and praise GOD she has been cancer free for over a year  . You would thing we were done with the curse oh no my eldest daughter told me she had to have surgery to remove two lumps in her throat  and in doing so since its highly likely there are cancerous cells  they will remove her thyroid gland  . So here we are  again  . I hurt for them the only bandage I can cover their owiee with is  the healing hand of GOD  HE says he will never leave us nor forsake us , His HOLY SPIRIT dwells within us and HE speaks in a still small voice . I need to just shut up  and listen HE has heard me  and in HIS time HE will answer

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt:

I am a jewelry designer , My latest collection  is  MT . Zion  and little feet coming down to share the Good News.

I spoke at a women’s retreat and God set many women free threw the message

I went to a hospital with a brother in Christ and we sang about the love of God walking threw the hallways, sometimes  we were asked to go in rooms and pray with patients. They would sing with us also request a song , favorite was The Old Rugged Cross or the Blood of Jesus  . The Holly  Spirit Moved in such a gentle way even the staff were  crying. Our God is so good all the time